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Sustainable Illumination - Mission

BuR Lighting offers the industry modern and energy-efficient LED luminaires, LED lighting systems and electronic components. As a lighting consultant, distributor and coordinator, BuR Lighting supports commercial users in the realisation of economical and sustainable lighting solutions from a reliable source.


Sustainable Illumination - Goals

BuR Lighting is committed to achieve its economic goals while respecting the requirements of environmental protection. This includes the combination of socio-cultural aspects, economic efficiency and environmental protection. The balanced consideration of these topics leads to sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions in the industry.


Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Concept

Based on the requirements of the Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Concept, BuR Lighting offers very high-quality and energy-efficient LED Lighting Systems. Well-founded on-site consulting and lighting planning in accordance with the relevant lighting standards take into account not only economic and ecological conditions in advance, but also socio-cultural requirements for sustainable lighting. These are: creating a pleasant atmosphere, strengthening the biorhythm, promoting well-being, health, vitality, concentration and general performance.

BuR Lighting supplies energy efficient LED luminaires with high luminous efficacy. See Menu: Projects/ Federal Funding.


Case Studies