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Safety and Standards

Good artificial lighting is very challenging. Numerous standards and regulations determine the requirements for the components and the lighting design of a lighting proejct indoors and outdoors. BuR Lighting plans energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for the industry according to the standards and at the same time individually.


LED Modules

DIN VDE 0715-100   Modules for General Lighting - Safety Requirements



EN 60598                  General and Special Requirements and Testings



DIN 5035                   Illumination with Artificial Light 

DIN EN 12464-1        Illumination of Indoor Workplaces

DIN EN 12464-2        Illumination of Outdoor Workplaces

ASR A3.4                   Workplaces Guideline: Illumination


Electronic Devices (Ballasts, LED Drivers, etc.)

EN 55015                 Interference Suppression < 30 Mhz

EN 55022                 Interference Suppression  > 30 Mhz and Shielding < 1 GHz

EN 60925                 Performance Requirements - Direct Current DC

EN 60929                 Performance Requirements - Alternating Current AC

EN 61000                 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

EN 61000-3-2           Limits for Harmonic Current Emissions

EN 61000-3-3           Limitation of  Voltage Changes

EN 61347-2-3           General Requirements and Safety - Alternating Current AC

EN 61347-2-4           General Requirements and Safety - Direct Current DC

EN 61547                  EMC Immunity Requirements