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CO2 savings in the EU

Carbon dioxide represents the largest share of all greenhouse gases in Germany and is also produced to a considerable extent in power generation. In companies, a lot of light is required in one-, two- or three-shift operation for demanding visual tasks over large areas and for long periods of time - often 24/7. By 2050, all 27 EU member states should be climate neutral. Artificial lighting accounts for about 10% of electricity consumption in the EU.


CO2 savings through high-intensity LEDs

Converting conventional lighting systems to luminaires and lighting systems with LEDs means considerable electricity savings and thus a reduction in electricity costs in industry. With the same light output, LEDs require significantly fewer watts. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, the use of high-quality LEDs reduces lamp replacement by more than five times. LEDs are resource-friendly; they contain no mercury, nickel or cadmium; they are low in hazardous substances and do not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.


CO2 savings through ZigBee Control

ZigBee is an industrial standard for wireless control of electrical devices. BuR Lighting offers ZigBee LED luminaires in addition to DALI controllable luminaires. With the ZigBee lighting control system, all luminaires in the room can be controlled wirelessly. They can be switched and dimmed individually or in groups. This leads to further CO2 and energy cost savings.


CO2 savings and federal subsidy programs

In companies, the installation of energy-efficient technical systems is subsidized by the state. This includes retrofits for energy-efficient LED lighting for existing commercial buildings. For energy-efficient new lighting of commercial facilities, halls and work zones, BuR Lighting offers LED High Bay luminaires, LED High Bay ZigBee luminaires and linear LED trunking system luminaires with high system luminous efficacy (lm/W) in line with the incentive program. These luminaires lead to significant CO2 and energy cost savings. See Menu: Projects/ Federal Funding.


CO2 savings planned and reported

BuR Lighting provides lighting designs with calculations of profitability that show the savings of CO2 and electricity in the course of time. BuR Lighting thus contributes to the CO2 balance and, as a lighting consultant, distributor and coordinator, assists commercial users in the realization of economical and sustainable lighting solutions from a reliable source.